St. Louis Soccer Stadium Gears Up for Game Day with Goley Insulation


St. Louis Soccer Stadium Gears Up for
Game Day with Goley Insulation

The Challenge

CITYPARK stadium is a new $457.8 million, 22,500-seat Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, in the heart of the Downtown West neighborhood. It is home to the league’s new expansion club, St. Louis City SC. The stadium was designed to set a new standard for how fans experience match day. It is an open-air venue used for sporting events, concerts, corporate events, and more. The stadium’s architects, HOK, wanted to create a destination that reflected the spirit of a new St. Louis, supporting technology, inclusiveness, innovation, and above all, community.

Niehaus Building Services, LLC, a premier St. Louis interior specialties contractor, was selected for portions of construction of the stadium and associated facilities. Given the project’s scope, an aggressive completion timeline, and the complexity of the job, Niehaus needed an experienced and reputable insulation expert to oversee installation and to serve as a building science consultant. Insulation needed to be installed within the allotted project schedule with a project scope that included three separate phases of construction:

  1. The Stadium
  2. The Pavilion Building (offices and retail space)
  3. The Training Building (practice fields, locker rooms, and additional offices)

For each structure, expertly installed insulation was critical to ensure energy efficiency, sound attenuation, moisture control, and comfort. With a proven track record of success on large-scale commercial insulation projects, Niehaus selected Goley as the insulation provider and installer.

The Goley Solution

A project of this scale required precise workmanship, consistent communication, exceptional leadership, and unfaltering quality at every step to ensure construction of all three structures was completed as planned. Goley’s ability to quickly pivot and adapt to a number of changing project conditions delivered considerable value to the customer.

Goley’s solution involved applying Owens Corning® fiberglass thermal insulation, sound attenuating insulation, Hilti acoustical sealant at the head and base of walls, Huntsman closed-cell spray foam, and Thermafiber® RainBarrier® continuous insulation at the concealed cavities. Goley crews also installed more than 62,000 square feet of white foil-faced Thermafiber® Versaboard® (mineral wool insulation) for air-conditioned areas under the bowl of the stadium. The mineral wool insulation used was already a finished product, so Goley crews needed to ensure seams were properly taped for a smooth, clean finish.

“Between pressing timelines, shifting demands, and complex installation requirements, this was a project that required an insulation team that could go above and beyond to deliver,” said Jake Whittle, President at Niehaus Building Services. “Goley is an insulation provider that we know and trust, and we were confident their insulation package and expertise were right for a professional sport stadium project like CITYPARK.

Goley Insulation’s approach included:

  • Diligent planning. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain challenges, and the associated labor crunch required careful planning and coordination. This was in addition to an already complex, demanding project of significant size and scale. Often, product was not readily available, and lead times on materials were extended. Goley’s established industry relationships were incredibly important, relying on partnerships with trusted manufacturers such as Owens Corning, ThermaFiber, Huntsman, and Hilti to have materials on site on time. These strong vendor relationships – with organizations that have deep expertise – helped the Goley team identify the right products for the job. Customers who select Goley can rely on the fact that the team has support from a number of reliable vendors to keep projects on pace and on budget.

    A large-scale construction site in a downtown, urban location required a team that could determine logistics quickly and strategically. Additionally, with three separate jobs, the project involved comprehensive planning and appropriate labor resource allocation. Goley coordinated parallel workstreams, anticipated planned workflows, and delivered the appropriate manpower resources to stay ahead of the project schedule.

  • Commitment to stringent safety protocols. The sheer size of the project and coordination with other trades required an environment that fostered and prioritized safety. COVID-19 heightened this requirement. All Goley insulation installers received continual safety training, and supervisors conducted regular safety checks throughout the construction process. This resulted in zero incidents and no lost-time injuries for Goley crew members.

  • Skill and precision. With intricate design specifications, multiple buildings, and a comprehensive scope of work, Goley needed to install all insulation products efficiently and effectively. Crews used tools such as powder-actuated guns and lifts to apply product more than 30 feet in the air. Throughout installation, Goley’s Quality Assurance team was on site to verify installation quality before finishing materials were applied.

  • Flexibility. From the start, this project involved a tight, deadline-driven timeline. If there were delays (due to material shortages, for example), Goley crews shifted the installation schedule to make up for any lost time and keep the project on track. In addition, dozens of post-bid changes forced the Goley team – from administrative to the installers – to adapt throughout the process to complete work on time.

  • A communicative, collaborative team. The CITYPARK stadium project can be characterized as an all-hands-on-deck effort for Goley. From project management to operations, administrative support, and installation, the entire team successfully collaborated to complete work prior to the construction deadline. The Goley team’s problem-solving mentality was vital throughout the project to anticipate and head off potential challenges. When they did occur in the field, the team worked quickly and effectively to mitigate them and minimize impact on the project.


Goley Insulation played a pivotal part in creating the new home for St. Louis City SC. Goley relied on its industry relationships to make the project a success, showcasing a true collaboration amongst a number of different trades.

Despite challenges presented by a global pandemic and ensuing supply chain issues, the insulation portions of the project were completed successfully and on time. Goley installers were able to meet the architect’s unique and complex specifications, earning the company praise from stadium management and the general contractor.

Bidding on construction of CITYPARK began in April 2020. Goley crews were on site in March 2021, and crews completed the project in October 2022. The home opener for St. Louis City SC is set to be played in March 2023.



Owens Corning® fiberglass thermal insulation (50,000 square feet)
Sound attenuating insulation (40,000 square feet)
Hilti acoustical sealant (20,000 linear feet)
Huntsman closed-cell spray foam (55,000 board feet)
Thermafiber® RainBarrier® continuous insulation (30,000 square feet)
Thermafiber® Versaboard® mineral wool foil-faced insulation (62,000 square feet)


7 crew members
More than 2,100 labor hours


March 2021 – October 2022

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