Cellulose Insulation in St. Louis & Beyond


Cellulose insulation has been used to insulate homes for many years. Cellulose is made from recycled newsprint and paper and is treated with non-toxic fire retardants. Cellulose insulation gives you a durable, safe, cost-effective solution to your insulation needs, and it can vastly improve the sound control in a space. We are proud to be the experts for cellulose insulation in St. Louis and beyond.

Types of Cellulose:

Wall Applications – Wet-Spray Cellulose

Wet-Spray Cellulose uses a unique system that combines dry, loose cellulose insulation with water, which adheres to the wall cavity. The sprayed insulation forms full cavities reducing air infiltration.

Attic Applications – Blown-in Cellulose

Cellulose can be pneumatically blown in as a loose, dry insulation material over your attic floor. Cellulose can be used in new construction as well as retrofitting your existing attic space.

Learn more about the cellulose installation process on our video page.

According to the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, cellulose:

  • Takes less energy to make than any other insulation material.
  • Is made of recycled paper and has the highest level of recycled content in the industry – up to 85%.
  • Helps prevent the release of the greenhouse gas methane that would result if that paper were sent to a landfill to decompose.

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Cellulose Insulation Removal

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