Meeting the Mandate for Thermal and Vapor Control at Illinois Cultivation Facility


Meeting the Mandate for Thermal and Vapor Control at Illinois Cultivation Facility

The Challenge

Revolution Global is an organization that produces pure, consistent medicines in new, reliable forms. The company brings meticulous cultivation and operating standards to each new market they serve and product they release, and the standard starts at their cultivation facility.  

With retail locations in four different states, the operation’s most important work is conducted in its cultivation rooms at its Delavan, Ill., headquarters. When the organization sought to expand its 80-acre Delavan campus, construction included a 75,000-square-foot indoor cultivation facility. 

Given that Revolution is Delavan’s largest employer, the new structure was not only substantial for the company, but for the town at large. The facility needed to be constructed to the highest standards.  

High-quality insulation products and proper installation of them were both absolutely necessary for the building and the plants growing inside. Therefore, when specialty contractor Associated Constructors entered the planning phase for the project, they needed to identify a trusted insulation partner to ensure the building would maintain appropriate moisture levels and internal temperatures.   

Associated Constructors selected Goley Insulation. 

The Goley Solution

Proper insulation and air sealing are pivotal for the success and sustainability of an indoor cultivation facility. Moisture management and temperature control are crucial. Thus, the project scope involved a large amount of insulation product to achieve a suitable indoor environment. Over the course of the installation, Goley crews applied Owens Corning® fiberglass batt insulation, closed-cell spray foam, and a vapor barrier. To meet the needs of the extensive, large-scale project and a demanding timeline, 10 Goley crew members were on site at various times providing consultative advice and installation support.  

“Insulation as it pertains to thermal energy and vapor management is important for all kinds of structures, but especially those designed to sustain plant life, as was the case with this project,” said Chris Walsh, President at Associated Constructors Company. “It was essential that we partner with a certified and trusted insulation contractor to execute this scope of work to a high level of precision and quality.” 

When reviewing the architect’s specifications and design, an unexpected challenge arose. The structure included a newly constructed interior wall connected to an existing exterior wall. The design specs included filling the new interior wall (with open metal studs) with spray foam. However, there was nothing to adhere the spray foam to, as foam cannot be applied to an open cavity. Goley’s field superintendent ideated possible solutions and formulated a successful substrate for the spray foam. With precision, the Goley team applied more than 300 cardboard baubles to create a backing structure within the wall so that installers could effectively spray the foam as specified.  

Although this created an unexpected material need, Goley collaborated closely with the suppliers to have all necessary products on site as soon as possible, and they arrived when needed. This required steadfast communication and ongoing follow up, given the project was completed during a time of supply chain issues and material shortages. Ultimately, Goley was able to achieve the architect’s vision for this portion of the facility. Vigorous quality assessments were then conducted to ensure all materials were flawlessly applied.  

The Building’s Revolution 

Through close collaboration and expertise, Goley provided a solution that met the architect’s precise specifications for a project where temperature and vapor control were a mandate. Additionally, Goley’s knowledgeable and experienced team was able to serve as a consultant for the client, helping to solve challenges and create functional, real-time solutions. The client reported complete satisfaction with Goley Insulation, and work was fulfilled within the established project timeframe.



127,000 square feet of Owens Corning fiberglass batts  

51,000 square feet of 10-mil polyethylene vapor barrier  

13.5 sets of closed-cell spray foam


10 Goley crew members


October 2021 through June 2022

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