Blown In Fiberglass Insulation

Blown in fiberglass insulation is commonly used to reinsulate existing homes but is also used in attics of new construction homes. We choose InsulSafe SP from CertainTeed.

Blown In Fiberglass is Great in:

  • Residential or commercial applications
  • New construction / existing homes
  • Open Attics
  • Uninsulated Sidewalls

Under-insulated Attic? Damaged Attic Insulation?

Many existing homes are losing energy due to insulation levels that are
not adequate. Adding blown in fiberglass insulation to your attic floor is one of the easiest ways to minimize air loss. New attic insulation can be blown in directly over the existing insulation, or, if damaged, the existing insulation can be removed before adding the new fiberglass.

Is your attic insulation up to par? It’s easy to check! Measure the depth of your attic insulation and see if it is on track with recommended levels by Energy Star. Illinois and Missouri residents, use zone 4 and 5.

If you find your insulation needs improvement, give us a call and we will give you an estimate on adding insulation to your attic!

Uninsulated Walls?

Adding blown in fiberglass insulation to your enclosed exterior walls is a cost effective way to add r-value to your home, protecting it from the loss of conditioned air while improving overall comfort and energy efficiency. Having uninsulated walls can be detrimental to your comfort and energy bill. We can help you with both.

How it’s Installed…

  • Exterior siding is removed
  • One hole is drilled in each stud cavity
  • Loose fiberglass is blown into each cavity
  • Holes are plugged
  • Exterior is replaced

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