Home Energy Audits

Both new construction and existing homes can benefit from a  home energy audit. Our energy auditors are certified by:

  • BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc.)
  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) raters through RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network)

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HERS rating

  • analyze construction plans
  • onsite inspections
  • identify and communicate with builder about energy efficiency improvements possible to meet ENERGY STAR performance guidelines
  • use blower door and/or duct test
  • HERS index score of home

BPI rating

  • onsite inspections
  • blower door test, infrared scanning
  • determine areas of air leakage
  • determine areas that are underinsulated and/or need air sealing
  • determine duct leakage
  • reveal hidden moisture

Living in St. Louis, having a home energy audit could be the difference between a reasonable utilities bill and an outstanding one. Any amount of space between sealants, windows, doors, cracks, or foundation could prove your home to be not as energy efficient as it should be, amounting to incredibly high utility bills and an uncomfortable environment.A  home energy audit can accomplish many things for your home. Most homes, unless built very recently, are not adequately insulated. Our trained energy audit staff can visit your home, conduct testing, and determine your problem areas.

People underestimate the importance of an energy audit in this area. With as much fluctuation as there is in temperature and climate throughout the seasons, a home energy audit will ensure that you are spending your money most efficiently and keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year.

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